Thursday, May 30, 2013

It can't be done? REALLY? The evidence suggests otherwise......

Admittedly, I am not a professional writer or master of prose.  I am, however, a person that has invested a lifetime pursuing methods of helping injured athletes at all levels achieve their goals and return to optimal performance.  Over the past twenty years of working with athletes during adversity, here is what I have learned........we humans are more capable than we believe, we just need a little help to guide us.

The evidence is all around us; elite athletes coming back from life threatening injuries to fully compete again....80 year olds fininshing an Ironman.....amputees taking back control of their lives and returning to competitive sports, etc. etc. etc.  Nearly all things are possible, but there are two key ingredients to make the seemingly impossible possible.   (1) A complete commitment of the individual to overcome and succed and (2) access to accurate information and resources to allow success.

Commitment is an individual choice, and nothing is possible without total commitment.  Commitment is personal and essential.  A motivational video or someone selling a program for "guaranteed success" may motivate us to start to tackle a goal, but unless there is complete conviction, success will be short lived if it is even achieved.

Access to accurate information and resources is another matter.  The "misinformation" highway that the common recreational or age-group athlete looks to for resources on recovering from injury or improving performance can be a little misleading, many times asking for a blind investment from a company, product, or individual and trusting what they are being told or sold will work.  Can most people afford this?  I think not.  In my position, however, we are able to evaluate and try most avenues being developed to help people achieve their physical goals, particularly when injured. The purpose of this blog is to share information from research and personal experience and make the trip on the "misinformation highway" a very short trip. I hope it will help others dealing with injuries and setbacks guide themselves to achieveing their goals.


  1. So excited to follow along! Good luck with the blog and I will keep you posted if a good topic comes up. But maybe something better than overhearing two girls talking about not exercising outside during the winter. They don't sweat as much and sweat equals work. Of course, I didn't say that sometimes I sweat when I eat salsa... ;-)

  2. Great idea, great blog! Looking forward to what is to come. So many things that we take for granted can be very misleading to the general public in regards to health care and performance.